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Paper auto-passports can be issued until the end of 2019.

In order to complete the creation and streamlining of the electronic document system segment in the zone of the EEA states, the commission decided to extend the design of automobile passports of paper format to self-propelled vehicles, vehicles and other types of machinery. However, the resolution does not eliminate the need to create electronic documentation for transported goods and vehicles.

If a month ago there was an intention from 01.07.2018. suspend the issuance of chassis passports for a paper-format vehicle and go entirely to electronic document management systems, but now the life of paper documentation has been prolonged until 01.11.2019.

It is believed that the digital passports will allow freight carriers and authorities to monitor the equipment and transmit information about it to all the member countries of the EAEC.

The company “Stableline” will help its customers to orientate in the innovations of the EAEC, make transportation from Germany to Russia, from Russia to Poland, Bulgaria, America, China and many other areas.