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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

What can we expect from the “Caspian Agreement”?

After three years of intense negotiations, an agreement on transport cooperation between the Caspian countries was approved.
The agreement after detailed consideration and amendment will be concluded by Russia and the “Caspian Five”, which includes, in addition to Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The main task is to develop existing systems (road, rail, sea) and create a modern transport and logistics hub that will be able to support international cargo transportation from Europe, America and Asia, serve as a transit point and provide access to domestic and foreign carriers to infrastructure facilities region.

To organize transportation from Germany to Russia, from Russia to a number of European and Asian countries will help the company “Stableline”. It will contribute to the creation of the most profitable route, the processing of customs documentation, the selection of land, sea or air freight transport.