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Chukotka Autonomous Region equipped with border posts

The port of Pevek, located in Chukotka, needs a border checkpoint to make it easier to import imported goods that are needed for construction and development of deposits.
The border point can be temporary, the main thing is to agree on the start of construction with the Ministry of Transport. Today, Pevek needs additional seasonal work due to lack of equipment and increasing capacity, the same situation was previously with the port of Beringovsky – a small checkpoint equipped for 120,000,000 rubles, saving due to the minimum requirements for the functioning of the port.
The same authorities of the Chukotka Autonomous Region are planning to do with Pevek, so that the shipment of gold concentrate extracted from the Baim ore zone is faster and to a greater extent. The number of cargoes will grow, so the port storage areas will expand.
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