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ECE has approved the intra-union mandatory labeling of goods

The previously developed project on marking the products transported through the EEA was approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission. The products transported between the Member States and on the basis of their applications will be labeled, without appropriate labeling, the delivery of goods to Europe from Asia and vice versa will not be.

The introduction of such a system among the EEA states pursues several objectives. This is a reduction in smuggling and a more convenient replacement of existing cross-border trade documentation. Now the process of cargo transportation will be more centralized, and the turnover control will be remotely and remotely. Introduction is designed to solve problems with illegal trafficking in manufactured goods. Also, both parties – sellers and buyers of products – will be able to track their own cargo, which will eliminate the possibility of loss of cargo.

The company “Stableline” has settled in the logistics market and has been carrying out cargo transportation from Europe, America of Asia for many years. Including between the countries of the Eurasian Union, so it closely follows the innovations.