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Electronic navigation chips finally put into operation

Transit cargo transportations, which are implemented by road and rail transport in the territory of the Russian Federation, will be introduced electronic navigation seals. A new project was registered in the official publication of federal constitutional laws. The form says that the infrastructure of the state system “Plato” will allocate finance for the project. Also there is information about the new service, thanks to which the car will be tracked.

The chips will be attached and removed from the car while moving the object at certain points. Such a procedure should be performed by the sender or recipient, but there is also the possibility to transfer responsibility to representatives or carriers.

“Plato” – the system of Russia, which will finance the project. The name here is very interesting, because it comes from the phrase “pay for a ton.” It is believed that the funds are taken from people in order to repair the damage that the car is causing to the road.

The delivery of goods from China can be realized by the company “Stableline”, which is already firmly entrenched in the market and has won the trust of many customers. Transportation to Poland is in great demand, which again indicates good service.