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How to transport disassembled goods through the territory of the EAGE states

Large-size and collapsible products, transported not as a whole across the borders of the EEA states, must be declared under separate rules. Such a decision was approved in the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union on November 7 this year. The law affects unassembled, uncompleted and unfinished products that are ordered by entrepreneurs through international freight traffic from Europe and Asia.

Declare the disassembled goods can be several transit papers intended for each component, which were previously identified in the Decision of the TNEA FEA EEA, which tells about the systematization of the transported products. The declaration process for the components of goods must comply with the terms of the Decision on Classification, put forward by the Customs Code. The decision itself becomes effective after 30 calendar days from the date of publication.

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