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When the traceability system becomes available

The national system of traceability of goods will begin to work closer to May of next year. The FCS of Russia, together with the Federal Tax Service, are starting to develop the “Tax-3” system.
If you focus on the plan, then, according to the information provided, it will be possible to exchange data between the tax and customs services this year in the summer. But the customs department does not want to hurry, so plans to postpone the deadline for October 2018.

The FCS has revealed some shortcomings regarding the functionality of the future system. The higher authorities consider it necessary to include information not only about the payment of taxes, but also about mandatory payment, which is charged by the customs authorities in connection with the movement of goods across the border. The customs service insists: only in this way it is possible to calculate the conduct of illegal operations. In addition, they want to introduce a procedure during which the composition of the requisite information databases of the tax department will be checked.

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