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New highways to Crimea

Delivery of goods to Russia from the mainland from the peninsula takes a lot of time due to congestion on the route. For this reason, the construction of a new road in the Krasnodar Territory was approved. She will have to take over part of the transit transport.
The option of reconstructing the Krasnodar-Yeysk section is also being considered in order to increase traffic flow towards the Crimea. Thus, cars can move from the M4, Yeisk and Krasnodar on four-lane highways. As for the site from Krasnodar to the bridge, they are going to improve it and bring it to the “1st category”. Repair work awaits and smaller sections of roads.
The authorities plan to open a new highway to the Taman Peninsula.
The transport company Stabline knows how to deliver goods from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Latvia on time.