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New Russian-Lithuanian permits for international road transport

The working meeting between the representatives of Lithuania and the Russian Federation discussed and approved a new number of bilateral permits regarding road transport at the end of this year and established a contingent for the next 2018. This business interaction is beneficial for carriers of both countries, businessmen and industrial enterprises. Transportation from Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Baltic States to Russia passes through Lithuanian territory.

Trucking of the Russian Federation for 2018 receives 255,000 permits related to transit and bilateral transportation of goods, and 11,000 permits for products to other countries through the lands of Lithuania. For the last months of 2017, the Russian Federation allocated 10,000 transit permits and two-way road transport and 1,500 for the movement of goods from third countries. For irregular passenger traffic, both states received 300 permits from Russian-Lithuanian and transit co-operation.

The company “Stableline” has a good experience in the organization of transportation of goods. The range of its services includes transportation through Lithuanian territories, for example, the delivery of goods from Poland to Russia by the shortest routes.