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Petersburg will connect high-speed highway with China

Representatives of the SCO countries signed an agreement on the development of high-speed transport corridors to China.
In the annex to the document, several routes have been approved, the longest of which connects St. Petersburg and the Chinese port city of Lianyungang. The length of the highway will be more than eight thousand kilometers.

According to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, China today is a world factory, and commodity exchange requires a high speed of delivery. Today, the supply from China is the cheapest, but a long way. The connection by the high-speed route of St. Petersburg and the Middle Kingdom will fundamentally change the supply chain and give a new impetus to the transit potential of our country.

There is no single route of the “Silk Road” today, it is only a set of road projects at different stages of implementation. Therefore, among the transport corridors today there is a high competition for traffic flows, including among the corridors, bypassing the territory of Russia.

The company “Stableline” closely monitors the emergence of new transnational routes and for many years provides cargo delivery services from China and back, choosing profitable from the point of view of logistics and budget route routes.