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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

Sakhalin port is being rapidly modernized

The government approved the expansion of the borders of Shakhtersk in order to increase its capacity. In addition to the territory, the port has been allocated new anchorages for loading ships and anchorage points. Delivery from Vietnam and Indonesia will be faster – the customs zones for declaring have tripled.
A pair of self-propelled barges, which will equip the flotilla, have been allocated, they will be able to transport up to 15 thousand tons of coal and other products. The barges will increase the annual throughput of Shakhtersk by almost 2 million tons.
The plans for next year are to re-equip onshore facilities, optimize the shipping process, and launch a coal conveyor.
Firm “Stabline” will come to the rescue when cargo deliveries from Tunisia, Egypt, India or Canada are needed. Experts will select budget transport and help with the registration of goods.