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Portal The seaport and its relationship with the customs of Kamchatka

Kamchatka Customs now uses the portal of the Sea Port for its activities.

The Office indicates that the use of such technology has been implemented since February 2017. Since July the portal has become an integral part of the Kamchatka customs. Each participant in foreign economic activities cooperates with the Portal. Based on the statistics, in the 2nd quarter of last year, 35 packages of initial information on goods were transferred to the customs post, which will be transferred to the International Organization for Regional Economic Integration, established by the EAEC Treaty. In addition, 65 packages of information forms were handed over to the vessel for the same time and 154 final packages were also given.

Portal The seaport helps to transfer all the necessary information between the participants online. The seaport transmits information to all persons who take part in this process, affecting even government agencies and carriers.

International multimodal cargo transportation from Europe can be carried out with the help of the company “Stableline”. Professionals are always ready to help in the regulation of customs matters, even if it concerns the transport of goods from Europe.