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Transformation of customs in electronic form

The customs will change: now they will become electronic. 8 of them will be located in the capitals of the Federal Districts, while the other 8 will be located in Moscow and Kaliningrad. Vladimir Bulavin said that such a system would start operating in 2020 and help deliver cargo from Germany or Poland to the Russian Federation, but he supplemented his speech with the phrase that on-site control would also be conducted.

Such work will lead to a reduction in staff, but the units that produce the goods will be better equipped many times. The head of a large administrative-territorial unit, Dmitry Mironov, talked about the importance of customs for the development of the country’s economic situation. The state government helps to replenish finances, realize the normal process of goods movement, contributes to the improvement of the investment climate.

In the Yaroslavl region, measures were taken to develop the socio-economic state of the city – “10 growth points”. This system is also aimed at improving the economic situation.

The company “Stableline” for several years provides customs clearance services “under the seal” of the licensed customs representative in CED (the center of electronic declarations).