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Say “no” to the spring restrictions on federal roads this year

In the spring of 2018, it will be possible to drive smoothly, because in Russia the rule on weight restrictions was lifted. This conclusion was put forward by the Ministry of Transport of Russia jointly with Rosavtodor.

This will be the first spring, when you do not need to look for a way to optimize the route of the vehicle’s travel. Thus, it will not be necessary to raise rates for freight transportation, which most often change to a larger side closer to spring.

Before that, the restriction was introduced due to the poor condition of roads in the regions of the Russian Federation. According to Rosavtodor, this year the state of 77.5% of the trails has already improved. Do not be surprised if you can not drive in the spring due to the intensive increase in costs and water levels, which are caused by rain. In this regard, the tracks can be blocked.

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