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Increase of capacity in warehouses of Vladivostok

In the next four years, Vladivostok harbors plan to equip refrigerators, the total amount of which will be 80,000 tons. They will be used for temporary storage and transshipment of fish products, part of which will later be sent along the Northern Sea Route.

Refrigeration equipment will equip both the port itself and the port areas. Additionally, reconstruction works are carried out in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, at the end of which the port will become the owner of new refrigerated containers.

The increase in refrigeration capacity is associated with an increase in the volume of caught pink salmon in the region.

Logistics company “Stabline” will help customers deliver the goods from Germany, Belgium, France, calculate the cost of delivery of goods from China and America, to find warehouses for storage of goods.