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Planned construction of a new channel to replace the Bosphorus

The congestion of the Bosphorus slows down the sea freight from Turkey to Russia and transits to African countries, therefore the state authorities intend to open the second largest channel called “Istanbul”. It will be located a few kilometers west of the Bosphorus, with a length of 43 km and a depth of 25 m.

According to Istanbul, they plan to launch cargo and oil tankers to remove the main load from the Bosphorus. Now, many vessels are queuing from the Marmara and Black Seas, and the costs of transport companies are increasing every month.

The new channel will be able to pass up to 160 ships per day, and its parameters will exceed the characteristics of the Bosphorus Strait twice. On both sides will be built cities with port zones. Construction work will have to end by 2023. Istanbul will help save $ 14000000 in annual costs of transport companies.

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