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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

What we do: Counseling

Turning to our company, which has been carrying out cargo transportation to Europe, America, Asia, the near abroad and all Russian regions for many years, you will be satisfied with your choice. We will save you from the need to study customs legislation, delve into the subtleties of the international cargo transportation process, calculate risks and choose the right route. All the organization of transportation of any cargo (clothes, footwear, various equipment, food products, electronics, medicines, oil products and much more) will be taken by experienced specialists of our company.

A wide network of agents in remote corners of the world allows us to carry out fast deliveries by road, air, rail and sea, using intermodal and multimodal transportation options. Our specialists have extensive experience working with large companies, medium and small firms and frequent individuals. We provide an extensive range of services for long-term and one-off contracts, constantly expanding the base of profitable proposals for customs clearance of cargo, insurance, forwarding “from door to door,” where everything has already been agreed and taken into account.

In addition, we successfully send urgent, especially valuable, general and dangerous cargoes (including in the composition of the assembly lots), we take care that when concluding an agreement for the supply of goods, customs documents, certification, insurance, etc. , there were no mistakes that could result in losses or loss of cargo.

Our agent-forwarders take into account all the nuances and pitfalls of the most difficult routes, take upon themselves the legislative resolution of unforeseen situations, guarantee the safety and safety of the goods.

At us you will receive exhaustive answers to all questions concerning the latest changes in the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, you will be provided with comparative freight prices, transshipment of goods at various transshipment points, and will consult on the requirements of the international freight market to participants in foreign economic activity.