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Transportation of goods: Containerized cargoes

Transportation of goods in containers remains the most popular in the cargo transportation market, this is explained by many factors. The main ones are economy of transportation, reduction of transport and logistics expenses by 10-15%, safety of goods that are not exposed to the environment, is protected from stealing by locks and sealing, is well attached by special mechanisms to the transportation platform.

Features of acquisition and delivery
In the container you can deliver a variety of goods (heavy, dangerous, oversized), they are convenient to consolidate the investment for mixed transport, while the price of the service does not depend on the type of goods, because the cost of renting a container is fixed. The container transportation is advantageous in that the process of loading from one vehicle to another is automated, does not take much time, this shortens the delivery time.

If you have to use a multimodal, or intermodal variant of cargo transportation (different modes of transport), then the container is convenient to transport both by car, and by sea and rail.

Organization of container transportation from Moscow
Specialists-logisticians of our company will develop a competent logistic scheme of container cargo transportation on any route (sea, road, rail).

Our specialists will provide freight forwarding, arrange insurance, assist in customs clearance, perform expert examination and appraisal of the goods, monitor the storage of goods in warehouses, monitor traffic along the route, and control the delivery time. We render services in a “door-to-door” mode (not only in Russian regions, but also on international routes) and are responsible for the implementation of each clause of the contract, including the guarantee of cargo security.