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Transportation of goods: Multimodal

Combined, mixed (multimodal) transport is the transport of goods along a logistics route by various modes of transport (by airplane, car, train, sea vessel). At the same time, the customer concludes one contract with the service provider. This type of transportation allows you to deliver goods to any distant point of the planet quickly and at an optimal price.

More about combined cargo transportation
Multimodal transport is in demand on international routes in those cases where there is no passable route between the point of departure and the place of final delivery of the cargo (there is a water barrier, there are no highways or railways). For example: the goods are transported by car to the airport, then by air, then by rolling stock and again by car.

By building a multimodal chain, the specialists of our company carefully control each segment of the path. Modern technologies allow our operators to track the progress of cargo in real time and inform the customer about the location of its goods. Most often for multimodal transportations use containers: this is the best option, allowing to ensure maximum safety of cargo.

Organization of multimodal transportations
Experts of our company, using the most suitable modes of transport and having an extensive partner network of international scale, offer customers individual logistics schemes: guaranteeing quality, speed and safety of delivery. This is facilitated by our personal experience with international transport companies of various profiles (sea, auto, air, railway). Experienced logisticians will sweep the financial expenses in advance, at the request of the client, they will arrange insurance for the cargo, help in the preparation of all necessary documents. The participation of the customer in solving organizational problems can be minimal.

Movement of the goods along the supply chain can be accompanied by a freight forwarder who will deliver the goods to the recipient at the end point in time agreed by the contract.