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Transportation of goods: Oversized cargo

Commercial delivery of oversized cargo because of its specificity is made into the category of labor-intensive services (non-standard dimensions of cargo, increased weight, shifted center of gravity, etc.). The provision of this service requires from logisticians not only many years of experience and professionalism, but also the availability of specific knowledge.

Features of motor transportation of oversized cargo
In order not to create obstacles and dangerous situations on the roads, each oversized cargo requires individual transportation conditions. So, for one it is necessary to select a special technique capable of withstanding a heavy weight and carrying out loading-unloading; for another cargo, you need to make a permit in the traffic police, reconcile the route so that the road surface does not suffer (and at the same time select the driver capable of ensuring the safety of the oversized cargo – it is the driver who must check the condition of the oversize, the integrity of the fasteners, and if necessary, be able to troubleshoot). If it is a question of large-sized cargoes exceeding the dimensions of a vehicle that protrude beyond the tailgate, or overlapping part of the main (agricultural machinery, excavators, bulldozers, equipment, etc.), then such cargoes need to be provided with reliable escort along the route.

Professional assistance in organizing the process
Specialists of our company will give preliminary consultations on all issues related to the transportation of oversized cargo both inside Russia and on international routes. We will recommend the most optimal, budgetary variant of transport, we will assist in the formulation of the necessary documents (including – transportation permits), we will help coordinate the delivery of oversize at all levels. In addition, we will prepare a convenient route plan in advance and we will calculate the financial costs, we will arrange insurance for all risk groups.

When transporting our agent-forwarders will be a constant monitoring of traffic to the destination: the cargo will be delivered on special vehicles equipped with strong fasteners to hold the oversized (low-frame trawls, tractors, length gauges, etc.). If necessary, your cargo will be transported by rail on special platforms, by sea or even by aircraft: we organize transportation of any complexity.