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Transportation of goods: Refrigerator

Delivery of goods by refrigerators is the only way to keep fresh perishable food products (fruits, meat, dairy products, fish, seafood, etc.), medicines, various kinds of living plants and flowers. The terms of transportation of such goods are always limited and strictly regulated. During their transportation certain sanitary regulations and rules must be observed.

Features of transportation by refrigerators
To ensure all of the above conditions of delivery can only ref transportation: they are relevant not only on international and regional routes, but also in urban conditions (especially if it is a large metropolitan area with a branched and loaded transport infrastructure). Transportation of refrigerated sections guarantees the preservation of quality and minimum losses. This kind of cargo transportation is used both by corporate clients and private persons.

Refrigerators have increased thermal insulation, are equipped with compressor and refrigeration units, withstand high loads. The temperature range is -28 to +25 degrees Celsius.

Organization of refreports
Our company provides a service for ref transportation using road, rail, sea refrigerators. For transporting small quantities of goods, we use automotive semi-trailers-refrigerators with an improved air circulation system. Large quantities of goods are delivered by cars of higher carrying capacity.

Professional drivers monitor compliance with all the necessary conditions for the transport and storage of perishable goods, know the subtleties of loading and unloading.

The refrigerators used on the railway keep the temperature down to -35 ° С at an outside temperature of -5 to + 38 ° С. For their cooling, water ice or an ice-salt mixture is used. Such refrigerators have compulsory ventilation and have instruments controlling the temperature and condition of the cargo. Marine refcontainer has a special thermo-insulating body, which, like a thermos bottle, keeps a certain temperature.

Our specialists will select the optimal, economical option for any perishable cargo.