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Transportation of goods: Groupage cargoes

Transportation of groupage cargoes is a complex service, which makes it possible to deliver goods of various customers as part of one transportation (in one direction, in one mode of transport). Services for the international transportation of consolidated cargo are in demand not only by small and medium-sized companies, but also by large producers supplying goods to the regions of Russia, far and near abroad.

Features of delivery and acquisition
Combined cargoes are formed by lots, which are completed at the expense of certain container volumes or unit units of goods. At the first stage of picking, the goods of several customers are consolidated (combined) into one batch, and then the cargo follows to a place on one vehicle, in one box or container. Each sender pays only for the place that his cargo takes, the lot size is unlimited and depends only on the carrying capacity and dimensions of the vehicle.

Our logistics company is engaged in cargo transportation of groupage cargoes in Russia, countries of Asia and Europe, sending goods not only to Moscow, but also to any Russian regions through the “door-door” or “warehouse-door” system by rail, sea or road.

Organization of transportation of groupage cargoes
Our specialists work with various cargoes (non-standard, dangerous, oversized, heavyweight, etc.): develop a route, calculate the cost, load-unload the goods, receive it, mark it, store it. For each shipment, insurance is issued, accompanied by experienced forwarding agent. We have extensive experience in sending orders to the most inaccessible settlements, maintaining long-term partnerships with transport companies in Russia and abroad.

Among our advantages is a well-developed, reliable system of constant traffic monitoring that allows you to know the location of cargo in real time and to monitor the safety of transportation.