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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

Transportation of goods: Express cargoes

Commercial enterprises, state organizations and private individuals often need urgent delivery of cargo to various regions of Russia and international routes. Express delivery is used in case you need to transport cargo for which special storage conditions are required.

Ways of delivery of urgent cargo
The most expeditious means of delivery is considered to be air transportation: in the market of logistics services, the demand for air cargo is growing every year, they are profitable because of the great time savings.

For urgent cargo transportation, our company uses freight and passenger airliners of leading airlines, with which long-term contracts have been concluded (if necessary, one-time contracts are concluded).

We also deliver urgent cargoes by road: these are transported by special cars both in Russia and international routes.

Organization of express delivery of goods
Our company is engaged in the organization of urgent transportation of cargo by road and air: we render services of a wide spectrum, carrying out insurance of the goods against all possible risks, re-registering transit cargo, rendering legal assistance in execution of customs documents, etc.

Specialists of our company undertake to deliver a variety of types of cargo (including perishable goods) that require certain temperature conditions of transportation. Experienced, professional logisticians are engaged in non-standard, oversized, especially valuable and dangerous goods, they will competently develop an express route, deliver goods “from door to door”.