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What we do: Certification

Any company that supplies products to the Russian market must undergo a cargo certification procedure. The certificate confirms the qualitative characteristics of the product, its compliance with established standards, without this document products can not be sold on the domestic market of the Russian Federation. Certification is divided into two types – mandatory and voluntary.

What goods need to be certified?

The list of goods subject to compulsory certification has been legislatively established. So, it is required for the import of petroleum products, oils, gas, hydrocarbons, steel ropes, household products, fiberglass, all kinds of light garlands, medical equipment, overalls, pyrotechnics, a number of toys and many other products. Separately receive certificates and declarations for plants and animals imported into the country.

Optional certification is conducted in order to avoid problems in the event of changes in customs legislation, which is not always known to suppliers. Confirmation of compliance with GOST is an excellent marketing tool that can be successfully used in advertising goods.

The lack of a clear system of obtaining certificates may lead to the fact that some goods that have a certain period of implementation may deteriorate. The process, dragging on for a long time, creates difficulties not only for individuals who decide to independently certify the goods. The specialists of our company, monitoring all the legislative changes concerning import-export of goods, will assist in drawing up the necessary certificates. Without the GOST certificate of conformity, the certificate of technical regulations, the quarantine certificate, the declaration and the certificate of the customs union and a number of other securities, it is impossible to pass customs procedures, cooperating with us, you will receive them as soon as possible.