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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

What we do: Warehousing

Our company has all the necessary (experience, staff, premises, special equipment, etc.) for carrying out all kinds of warehouse services. In the system of cargo delivery, warehousing logistics plays an important role: warehouses complete the assortment of the order, which is made according to the customer’s scheme; here the products are stored and stored before sale to the consumer, consolidated cargo is consolidated.

Also at the warehouse sites, the consolidation of goods (the consolidation of small lots into larger ones) is carried out, which simultaneously delivers the products to different recipients. In the equipped warehouses, they prepare the goods for sale, pack the products, unpack and fill the containers, handle unloading and loading, check the safety of the goods, and so on. Depending on the specifics of the goods, the customer is provided with heated and unheated areas, open areas.

Provision of cargo storage services

There are different types of storage. For oversized cargoes, floor storage is provided on an anti-dust or bulk coating. Separate types of cargo of small weight are stored on shelving racks of various heights. Heavier, volumetric products are placed on several pallet racks (cell or address storage), they are convenient for moving the load, because here you can use the loader and take the packaging along with the pallet.

For each category of cargo is selected a mechanized way of loading and unloading with the use of stackers, various loaders (fork, with bale gripping). Light loads in small packages can be stored manually.

Professional assistance in warehouse logistics

Specialists of our company organize the delivery of cargo to the warehouse, carry out the acceptance, in accordance with the accompanying documents, prepare the final report. According to the contract with the customer, the goods will be sorted, weighed. If the packaging is broken, repacked, palletized, in the form of an additional service, they mark the goods with stickers, carry out stretching (packing with a special film), crateing and winding – to protect the cargo from damage. In addition, we will undertake the preparation of accompanying documents, including freight invoices.