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What we do: Insurance

Delivery of goods from suppliers to consumers entails various risks that can lead to spoilage and even loss of goods. To protect the property interests of the customer, cargo insurance is provided for: which is designed to protect the owner of the goods being transported from possible risky incidents on the route and related losses.

More about cargo insurance

The cargo is exposed not only to international routes, but also to domestic ones. In this case, the legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for compulsory insurance, it is formalized only on a voluntary basis. Insurance for goods transported by road, rail, water and air transport: the nature of the cargo, the type of vehicle, its technical condition, weather and climatic conditions in the moving region determine the line of risks reflected in the insurance document. Cargo insurance is carried out before it is sent along the route.

Competent assistance in cargo insurance

Experts divide the insurance of cargo into two types: in the first case, the contract includes risks, losses from which the insurer undertakes to compensate the owner of the cargo. In the second case, based on the principle of excluding certain risks, the insurance company is responsible for risks not taken into account by the contract. In both cases, the contract must be drawn up by competent specialists who are well versed in the legal subtleties of insurance.

To avoid mistakes in registration (which can be challenged by the insurance company) and arrange insurance with the maximum benefit for you, entrust the procedure of cargo insurance to our specialists. We will offer you the best insurance conditions, recommend a reliable insurer, help you quickly prepare the necessary package of documents, provide legal support for the insurance procedure.