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Customs clearance: Carnet ATA

If you need to import goods for a while, for example, at a fair or exhibition, get samples of products, there is a convenient and simple way to simplify customs clearance – Carnet ATA. In fact, this is a special international customs document that replaces customs declarations and allows for a simplified, duty-free registration of the import of goods.

Using the ATA Carnet gives several undeniable advantages:

there is no need to provide customs payments with deposits, bank guarantees, sureties, because the ATA Carnet replaces all these documents and is itself such a security measure;
customs clearance takes place in a shorter period and is much cheaper;
the document is quite long, it is 12 months;
the document is valid in all countries that have signed the international Convention on Temporary Importation.
For the design of the ATU Carnet, a fairly impressive list of documents is required: a guarantee statement, notarized copies of title documents, a power of attorney with a copy, paid insurance, all necessary documents for the goods themselves, a list of imported goods in Russian and English, a cover letter to the Legal Department of the Trade- Chamber of Commerce.

Our company helps its customers to execute Carnet ATA in a short time, without complications and delays. You can temporarily import any goods, from musical instruments, cinema equipment, computers and clothing to industrial equipment, medical devices, containers and aircraft.