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Customs clearance: Classification decision of FCS

According to the rules of conducting foreign trade activities, each commodity must be assigned a special ten-digit code when crossing the border. Class-solutions FCS consist in the fact that individual components of the goods are classified according to a single code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities. Such a decision accelerates the process of registration of cargo and reduces the amount of customs payments. A single code allows you to profitably solve the problem of certification.

Class-solutions FCS are:

for different lots of goods, issued for a certain period with one HS code;
Both are drawn up before the customs clearance begins. The classification decision is forwarded to the customs authorities immediately before the customs clearance procedure and is mandatory for application.

The procedure for the adoption of a classification decision on customs law is 3 months. At this time, customs officers check the completeness and reliability of the documents submitted. In case of shortcomings in registration, the FCS may extend the period for making the decision. Therefore, if it is important for you to issue a decision within a specific time frame, without difficulties and problems, it is better to trust professionals. Our knowledge and experience will serve as a support and will allow you to obtain a classification solution with minimal financial and time costs.