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Customs clearance: Registration of individuals

For private individuals, customs legislation makes it possible to transport goods under a simplified scheme. The preferential treatment applies to goods imported by individuals for personal use.

Unlike individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, an individual has no obligation to pay customs duties and taxes. You do not need to license products or confirm them with certificates of conformity. And, of course, registration at the customs of a private person occurs quickly, according to a simplified scheme.

At the same time, an individual can transport goods, and not for personal use, but for commercial purposes. Then the general procedure for customs clearance applies, including payment of duties, submission of a declaration, etc.

We are ready to help our customers – frequent people to understand the procedures for processing the goods at customs, properly prepare and submit to the customs authorities all the necessary documentation. Thus, customs will not be a headache for you, but one of the well-established mechanisms, which present no difficulties.