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Mo-Fr from 9:00 to 18:00

Customs clearance: Customs representative

The customs representative (broker) helps to quickly and efficiently issue all the necessary documents for customs clearance of the goods. He interacts with the bodies of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), coordinates the actions with officials responsible for proper clearance of cargo.

Not every company can become a customs representative, according to the current legislation, a company that has fulfilled a number of conditions can carry out this activity, including:

presence of registration as a legal entity and inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives;
presence in the state of at least 2 certified specialists;
existence of the authorized capital stock;
the existence of an agreement with the insurance company on civil liability to its customers for at least 20 million rubles;
guarantees of payment of customs fees and fees for the amount of 1 million euros (such a guarantee can be made by money to the customs authority, and can be secured by a bank guarantee, surety, property).
From the listed conditions it is clear that the customs representative is a solid organization that is a full-fledged participant in foreign economic activity.

We offer full customs support. All conditions for cooperation with us are formalized in an understandable and transparent contract.

Turning to us, the company-customer guarantees that the cargo will be processed in the proper time, in compliance with all laws and regulations. This greatly reduces and even annuls customs risks and allows the most effective conduct of international business.